Jaynes Gastropub In Piedmont, Italy

Barbera Meeting 2010 began yesterday in Asti, Italy with an excited if a little jetlagged "Team Blogger" diving into a epic tasting day, pressing palate to over 100 wines. Blind tasting at the Palazzio Zoia and tours at several Asti wineries made for full contact sport. "We welcome the bloggers!" was enthusiastically proclaimed by the Asti Agricultural Ministry's superintendent while we all fumbled with our electronics and wireless connections. The rooms are filled with worldwide wine trade and press, but the blog presence is a brand new addition to this annual event and is creating quite a buzz.

Our team consists of 6 of the world's great independent wine bloggers (and me). I am stunned by the palates of this crew and their writing chops are razor sharp. While we may not like every wine on this trip and this will certainly be documented, we will definitely fall in love with some and will come to a greater understanding of why Italy and Piedmont in particular is so dear to all of us.

I urge everyone to stay tuned to this story. Ill be trying not to spill Nizza Barbera into my Macbook...

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