Jon breaks ground on the Jaynes Garden

We are very fortunate here at Jaynes to have a beautiful outdoor patio space.   We also happen to have a nice little yard on the other side of the hedge for Tallulah to run around in.    Tallulah is now going to have to make do with her daily trips to the Grape Street Dog Park because we are converting that space into the Jaynes Garden.   The plot has direct southern exposure and should turn out a nice crop.

My parents weren't big on allowances so we all worked as kids.  I had a commercial landscaping company in my teens which is a long, cautionary tale of a teenager making way too money and my sisters cleaned up selling fruits and vegetables in front of our house in Westport CT.   Our house was built in the early Federal Period and like many homes from that period there was a family farm on the property.   It was very common to find pieces or farm tools and horseshoes buried in the soil.   On the southern side of the property there was a beautiful field.  It was like having Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World in our backyard.  On the edge of this field was my favorite garden because it specialized in strawberries.   It is very exciting to finally get this project going and to get back to my roots, so to speak.   We hope to make this garden an integral part of Jaynes from kitchen to bar.

I'm starting to daydream so I'd better get back to work.   Mama Jayne has some Sun Gold Heirloom Tomato seedlings ready to go.   Here are some pictures from the ground breaking.  Stay tuned for more pictures and news.  Who knows, I may be a  wearing a Baby Bjorn in the next installment!