Your Linkery Valentine

Here’s how the Linkery rolls on V-Day: full menu (not fixed), no reservations, everything’s the same price it always is, it’s casual, we try to make sure everyone has a good time. Neighborhood restaurant style.

This year it falls on a Sunday, which means we open at 10am and stay open 13.5 hours for your Valentining pleasure. (That’s till 11:30pm).

It’s Smokehouse Sunday, and Max told me he’s going to add some grass-fed Prime Rib to the smokehouse in celebration of it being a luxurious holiday. Also, you can figure we’ll have some oysters on hand. Beyond that, it’ll be another Sunday at the Link.

As for the first-come, first-served factor: we’ve got lots of tables. if I recall correctly, last year we were busy but accommodated everyone with minimal waiting.

Anyway, we like Valentine’s Day, everyone’s out and having fun.