Alchemy News

Couple interesting items of note going down in South Park…

This week marks four months for our little restaurant and we are very excited to be having such a warm welcome from the neighborhood and beyond. If you get the chance drop by the website and check out the Press link.

Our Wednesday night Vegetarian Tasting menu is rocking, more and more folks are enjoying the Farmer’s Market produce every week. If you haven’t heard, check it out on the blog.

Summer is here and some new menu items are as well, see the dinner menu for updates or give us a call to hear all about it, the Avocado & Sweet Corn Salad is over the top!

Just wanted to let you know what Alchemy is up to this 4th of July!

It's an American Barbeque with a twist this Fourth of July. The new kid on the Southern end of 30th Street is shaking things up with some Good Ole' American barbeque-SAN DIEGO-STYLE- to celebrate our nation's day of independence!

The owners of Alchemy are kickin' their staff out for a well-deserved day off and will be working the room themselves, with the help of our Chef and Sous Chef in the kitchen.

For just $10 bucks per plate guests will have an array of tasty entree and side dish options. Featured on this special holiday menu is a variety of classic barbeque main entrees with the flavor dial turned up a notch. Chef Ricardo Heredia is putting a San Diego spin on traditional BBQ favorites including Mexican Beef Brisket tacos- a unique Mexican twist on an American classic. Also featured will be Carolina style BBQ ribs and a savory pulled pork sandwich.

Highlighting the drink specials menu will be $3 local drafts and Miller High Life bottles and the All American Jim Beam & Cokes - what could be more American than that? - and you definitely CAN'T get that on the beach.

We hope to see you soon.


Forks on the Street

This month San Diego Home & Garden magazine came out with their "Silver Fork" awards, highlighting 17 local restaurants as being extraordinary.

Three of the establishments (The Linkery, Urban Solace, and Rancho's Cocina) are 30th Streeters. That was one less than the East Village (Neighborhood, Basic, Cowboy Star, and J-Six) and tied with La Jolla (Zenbu, Nine-Ten, Piatti's). No other neighborhood was represented more than once.

I think there were some really high quality restaurants left out, but I like that they looked for a wide variety of types of food and dining experiences to be represented. I also think that, while the specifics of any place's inclusion (including ours) may be arguable, seeing 30th so well represented in a list like this is appropriate. Great things are going on all up and down this strip.

Walk a Mile on 30th


As unlikely as it may seem in 2009, this Father's Day you can still give Dad his favorite smoke. As long his favorite smoke is from coastal live oak and was used to slow cook suckling pig.

This week is the Father's Day edition of Smokehouse Sunday at the Linkery. We're celebrating by putting a couple suckling pigs on the rotisserie, along with the usual selection of hot links and other goodies.

Also, you can also buy Dad some bacon.

Getting 'Le Freak'y on 30th Street: Thursday June 18th

Thursday is our fresh oysters and cask night. This week in addition to our local Carlsbad Aqua Farm raised oysters and Green Flash Le Freak on cask, we’ll have live jazz provided by Trio Gadjo. Their Django Reinhart inspired musical ramblings are well suited to our old world tavern atmosphere. It’s easy to imagine yourself in 1930’s Belgium, eating fresh mussels, drinking and listening to live music in a candle-lit tavern.

Thursday isn’t the only day to visit the Ritual Tavern. You’ll get $3.50 taps Tues-Sat 5:30-7:30 and 3:30-9:30 on Sun

(please note Cask Ales aren’t included in Happy Hour pricing)

This Sat. 6/20 Old House Fair Sponsor Specials

This Saturday (June 20), South Park hosts the Old House Fair from 10am to 4pm. The center of activity is 30th & Beech, where you'll find exhibitors, vendors, arts & crafts for kids, festival food and live music on stage.

Nearby sponsoring eat-and-drinkeries are offering specials that day, too, to celebrate the Fair. Check out Whistle Stop Bar, Alchemy Restaurant, and Hamilton's Tavern & Cafe for special hours, tastings and prices.

For more info, schedule and map:

SD Bike Plan Open House

Cross-posted at the Linkery blog.

FO30 Doug alerts us that our city's Bicycle division of the Transportation Planning Department is having an open house on Wednesday to share its Bicycle Master Plan for the city. It's from 6pm to 8pm at the Hall of Champions, here is the event PDF flyer.

The City has a huge capability to improve our quality of life by making the city continually more bikeable (and more walkable, and more transit-able). Much of what the city could do doesn't even require a lot of capital or infrastructure. If we as a community ask for it, we're more likely to get it.

Ritual Tavern Thursdays: Cask and Oysters with Live Music

Here’s tonight’s forecast:

Lightning Fair Weather Pale Ale strikes in a friendly way on cask at the Ritual.

“It is a beer crafted after classic UK and US Colonial ales: Pale, malty, plenty of yeast character, limited hop character, and easy drinking.” (Lightning Brewery)

Trio Gadjo will strum their classy tunes for you as you hoist your pint glasses.

This weeks oysters are Evening Cove and Endless Summer. We have a lovely tart filled with Temecula Honey Onion, Niman Bacon, and farmers market eggs. This weekend we are offering Prime Hanger Steak as our entrĂ©e special. For dessert there’s Speedway Stout cheesecake, and tasty organic strawberry shortbread.

So roll on in to the Ritual for a little bit of the good life.


Thusday on the Brewlevard: Mad River.

This Thursday (tomorrow) at the Linkery, Eric, Dylan and the folks from Mad River Brewing are bringing a dozen o'beers, including 7 casks. I think 5 of the beers are going to be world premiers.

We’re celebrating by making a small dish for pairing each of the seven cask beers. For any of the seven beers, you can get the pairing of food and a half pour of the beer for $7.

Seven bucks for a cask beer and paired dish, with seven different choices. If you get all seven, it happens to be a progessive dinner. Get however many you like, your choice.

The Mad Belgian golden ale
Monte Cristo Thomasville Tomme, house cured Berkshire ham, local berry jam and pickled local watermelon.

Extra Special Bitter
Mini Handroll House made pastured lamb Merguez, peppers, onions, and house sweet E.S.B. mustard

Jamaica Red
Jerk Pork Belly skewer Berkshire pork and stone fruit

Double Brown Ale
Grilled Asparagus cask-aged soy and DBA sauce, small salad, local pastured quail egg.

Double India Pale Ale
Honey Date Crostini Local honey, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Dates by Davall, California cherries, house made bread

Double Dread Imperial Red Ale
Raw Surf and Turf grass fed Central Coast beef carpaccio and Baja oyster on the half shell

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
That’s that! house made oatmeal raisin cookie, house made Oatmeal Stout ice cream sandwich, dipped in organic Taza Chocolate.

But wait…that’s not all!

We also will have 7 Mad River draft beers, including

* Extra Pale Ale 5.6 ABV 25 IBU’s
* Double India Pale Ale 8.6 ABV 95 IBU’s
* Double Dread Imperial Red Ale 8.6 ABV 97 IBU’s
* Serious Madness Black Ale 8.3 ABV 74.7 IBU’s (5 Gallon) didn't make it, damn!
* John Barleycorn Barleywine ‘08 9.4 ABV 84 IBU’s (5 Gallon)
* Jamaica Red 6.5 ABV 42 IBU’s
* Jamaica Sunset IPA 7 ABV 65 IBU’s

So, not that we’re excited about it, but this is clearly the bitchenest beer and food event in the history of grain.

The folks from Mad River are awesome, too. And while their beer is definitely something you can find around town, there’s no better way to get to know what they’re about than sampling a wide array of their fantastic beer with them.