Forks on the Street

This month San Diego Home & Garden magazine came out with their "Silver Fork" awards, highlighting 17 local restaurants as being extraordinary.

Three of the establishments (The Linkery, Urban Solace, and Rancho's Cocina) are 30th Streeters. That was one less than the East Village (Neighborhood, Basic, Cowboy Star, and J-Six) and tied with La Jolla (Zenbu, Nine-Ten, Piatti's). No other neighborhood was represented more than once.

I think there were some really high quality restaurants left out, but I like that they looked for a wide variety of types of food and dining experiences to be represented. I also think that, while the specifics of any place's inclusion (including ours) may be arguable, seeing 30th so well represented in a list like this is appropriate. Great things are going on all up and down this strip.