Spring "Hunting" in South Park

Something new at this Saturday's Spring Walkabout in South Park (3/27 - 6-10pm):

"Scavenger Hunt" with quizzes and prizes ... for adults and for kids.
Here's a preview --

HAMILTON'S TAVERN: How many beers do we have on tap? Prize is 25% off your beer or wine purchase.

ALCHEMY: Where is the exercise bike at Alchemy and who put it there? Give the correct answer to the person at the door and it gets you a free snack coupon on your next visit for dinner.

MYTHOLOGY: Tell us 2 facts about the holiday OSTARA - i.e. origins, meaning, symbols, etc, and we will grant an additional 20% discount on your total purchase (sale merchandise included)!

ABSOLUTE SKIN: get Facemapped (a short consultation regarding their skin), then get a sample package of products and a coupon for 20% off any service at Absolute Skin.

ENERGY GARDEN MASSAGE: Name three of the massage treatments, Energy Garden Massage offers and receive a 1 hour massage for $40. Visit www.energygardenmasssage.com for details, you can access wireless internet at Rebecca's Coffeehouse where I will be offering complimentary 10 minute massages, Find me for the coupon and stay for a coffee.

POSH WASH: How many tables are in the back patio and how many "8-load" washers do we have? The correct answers will get a coupon worth a credit toward 1 free use of a "2-load" washing machine valid anytime.

STUDIO MAUREEN: What animal is covered with mosaic tile and who is the artist who made it? The prize is a pack of notecards.


DAILY SCOOP: How many flavors of ice cream do we serve? Receive a free scoop of ice cream.

SO CHILDISH: Tell us who is coming to visit the store on Saturday, April 3rd!! receive a prize.

STUDIO MAUREEN: For the kids: Count the red eggs in the gallery's two front windows. Prize: Pick something from the gift jar (beaded bracelet, animal pin, rubber insect).