El Take It Easy

30th Street's newest venue is opening with a big show. A big art show, that is.


The paintings of Enrique Ciapara, at El Take It Easy, 3926 30th St, opening Thursday at 7:30 PM. Enrique works just a few miles away from here, in Tijuana's old roller rink. His work has been featured in group shows at San Diego's Museum of Contemporary Art and elsewhere, and we are proud to present this, his first solo show in the US.

As for El Take It Easy, it is now open every day but Tuesday, starting at 6pm. First-come, first served seating, front and back patios open as well. A little bit about the place, as taken from its its web page:

El Take It Easy is a neighborhood cantina, a place for people to converse and celebrate, eat, drink and enjoy. Our offerings take as inspiration the whole of this city, a city with a wall running through its middle, a city that goes by two names: San Diego and Tijuana.

Chef Max Bonacci, also chef at The Linkery, developed the initial menu in collaboration with Jair Téllez, chef/owner at Laja in Baja California and Merotoro in Mexico City, creating a selection of small plates to convey the essence both of our excellent local ingredients and of our cultural landscape.

Beyond its food and drink, the cantina's ambience, service, music, and aesthetics comprise the intentions and actions of many talented people from both sides of the line. All these folks contribute their skills and passion in order to create space in which it is ideal for anyone to take it easy.

Open every nite but Tuesday, from 6 until late. We hope it becomes a treasured part of your life!