30th on 30th Goes Yacht Rock

From the Linkery & El Take It Easy:

Steph and I took the morning off from our usual duties and went to appear on the CW6, along with Matt from Urban Solace and Jason and Jonathan from Cafe 21. We were promoting this Thursday's 30th on 30th event.

Max and Ana made samples of our 30th on 30th fare -- grass-fed roast beef sandwhiches for the Linkery, and pork belly tacos for El Take It Easy. Meanwhile Steph and I stood around and watched.

When we got there, we were in their outdoor studio, where one wall was made to look like we were in a marina, and the backdrop was like a tract home from 1983.

Matt looked really great there!

The food that both Cafe 21 and Urban Solace brought looked great too.

But most of all, what rocked were the yachts.

We had fun, and we heard the segment came out pretty well. See you on the 30th!