Just 'cuz event - 10/16 8:00pm - 1:00am

We had such a grand time during our September "just 'cuz" event we decided to do it again! Last month we tried out a few tweaks that help make The Park-2-Park Shuttle even more user-friendly. First, we stopped going in one, counterclockwise circle. If what you really want to do is get from Jayne's or AC down to Ritual Tavern or Whistle, we've decided to just take you there directly. We still encourage people to explore new places, but we've made getting from place to place a bit easier. Second, we are using the power of these newfangled cellular devices to help you move when you are ready to move. Now, about 10 minutes before you are ready to move to your next destination you just text the host and voila, you'll get confirmation that the shuttle is on its way (or, quite often, right outside). As always, there's no eating or drinking on board and we are all about responsible fun for everyone!

Sign up for our special Craft Beer with the Expert, where we'll combine the expert guidance of Blind Lady's Lee Chase with drinks and pizza then hop on the shuttle for a brew lesson of your own at Home Brews & Gardens! It's on 10/23 and there are 15 seats left. They aren't technically on 30th Street, but I promise to tell you about the goodness that is 30th Street along the way!

30th on 30th note: we are running early (starting at 6:00pm) for 30th on 30th, but get your friends together and buy your passes ahead of time to ensure you get a seat!