Another Saturday Night Ritual in Paradise: Organic Food, ArtWalk-ing & Live Music

The old saying goes... if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.

March is full of Ritual celebrations. We trust you'll share some of yours with us, in the tavern. The second Saturday of each month is a cause for celebration art & culture in North Park. Those in the know ArtWalk their way down Ray street from 6-10pm. Once your eyes take in the view, your ears will be in need of aural stimulation.

Miss Erika Davie
s is the cure :) Join us for a special late night (11pm) acoustical treasure. Rumor has it, Miss Erika & Trio Gadjo may share a song or two.

"If you’ve never heard Erika Davies, then you’ve never heard Shakespeare the way it’s meant to be sung. Her jazzy melodies scoop and flutter above delicately strummed ukulele in irresistible and intoxicating fashion. Serving up a cocktail of jazz standards and charming originals, Davies delivers an enchanting performance, anchored by gorgeous vocals and Amelie-esque charm.

Knowing not the history and education of Erika Davies, she sounds like she’s taken some vocal lessons in her day. Not just the standard pop style vocal lessons that afford one a fleeting chance at American Idoldom. Erika Davies’ sound is classic and she performs in a long since forgotten fashion.

Some things that you may truly admire are her charming use of kazoo solos, singing certain songs a cappella merely because there was no music written (yet), her use of ukulele complementing her wonderfully distinct voice and lastly, Davies’ little hand motions and sleight bodily contortions which make it seem as if she were grabbing each note from an invisible music sheet written in the air.

You’ll be left having quite enjoyed her style and may even view her as a true original in the San Diego music scene."

Join us, won't you?

you'll have a whole week to rest up.
The following Saturday, March 17th we'll be serving our famous house cured corned beef with all our house-made chemical free fixins :)