The 2 Line

What with 30th being so rad, a lot of us find ourselves mooting the idea of a shuttle of some sort running up and down the street, like Chuck and Green Flash sponsored the night they released 30th Street Pale Ale.

Not that we shouldn't do that, but it's worth remembering that the city of San Diego already runs something similar -- the 2 line. Or what Ron calls "The Coolest Bus in America."

I consider the 2 bus to be the spine of San Diego. For over ten years, I've made a point to live within a few hundred feet of that bus. Being on the 2 was the prime consideration in locating both iterations of the Linkery. It had to be the name of this blog.

I've often dreamed of a #2 pub crawl. It would start at Cantina and end at the Waterfront. I doubt I'd make it past University.