Enjoy a little Mardi Gras on 30th Street today.

The month of February has many Ritual celebrations, Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day and this year we're blessed with Mardi Gras. Some people feel the need to collect colorful trinkets/beads and drink to excess this time of year. Here at the Ritual Tavern we feel compelled to eat various fried things served on a French roll.(chased with a tasty beverages) So in honor of Fat Tuesday we'll be serving up tasty po-boys in addition to our famous gumbo. How does a fried Carlsbad oyster and/or shrimp po-boy sound to you? We've also got Niman Ranch andouille sausage with grilled onions on an artisan roll from Sadie Rose. All are served with macaroni or our house sliced Cajun French fries (maybe we'll also throw in a fried pickle or two)

To wash 'em down, we've brought in Abita Jockomo IPA, all the way from Louisiana for your enjoyment.* Our liquor license prohibits us from serving hurricanes, and flashing as well.. So you can bring the whole family in for a wholesome celebration Ritual.

Le Bon Temps Roule!

*"Aside from the fun they obviously had in naming this particular beer, (it comes from the lyrics to a Cajun song, “Iko Iko,” in which they make reference to the saying “Jockamo”) Jockomo IPA is a quality brew that does not overwhelm as much as compliment.

First, Jockomo pours very smooth, but light on the carbonation. The color is a copper/orange and the head is minimal after a few moments. The same goes for the lacing as this IPA doesn’t really keep much head around throughout the beer.

Aroma-wise, Jockamo is more sweet than one would expect from a pale ale. There are hints of honey among the hops aroma and there were even slight smells of pine coming on at first.

But it is the taste where Jockamo made it for me. Personally, I like a bitter pale ale, but it can be overbearing sometimes. So, when someone comes up with an interesting take on a pale ale, I usually ride the wave and try to enjoy it. That was easy with Jockamo.

It’s smooth, relaxing and, yes, a bit sweet. Honestly, it’s a quality brew that goes away from the microbreweries tendency to over-hop a beer for the sake of making it bitter and memorable. This one creates memories on its own without resorting to juvenile tactics." http://www.independentmail.com