Stone IPA on cask at Sea Rocket, and cask crawling.

We've got a San Diego classic on cask at Sea Rocket this weekend - Stone India Pale Ale.  This is one of the beers that helped establish San Diego County's reputation as the world capital of hoppy beers.  And while we'd be happy to have you stay here and drink it all night, it might be more interesting to taste it as part of a bar crawl.  You see, just a few blocks from here the Linkery has the Stone Cali-Belgique on cask.  The Cali-Belgique is, in fact, Stone India Pale Ale, fermented with a Belgian yeast strain instead of the usual, California style ale yeast.  Why not try both beers, naturally fermented in a cask, on the same evening?  And why stop there?  Toronado always has some great beer on cask, and Ritual Tavern is pouring Port Sharkbite Red on their hand pump right now.  It's a great time to be in North Park.
If that's not reason enough to come out for a beer, I'll throw in a free tapa for early birds all weekend long.  Just order a pint of the Stone IPA from the cask before six o'clock, and I'll give you one free tapa of your choice.  Tell us you saw it on!