Beer Wars!

It's pretty amazing to take a risk to create something great, and to share that creation with a lot of people. The craft breweries around San Diego have done that with their beers, and filmmaker Anat Baron has done that by making a movie about the beer industry and how craft brewing is seriously shaking things up.

We're having a special showing of the movie, Beer Wars, followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Anat Baron and Chuck Silva of Green Flash Brewing. This is a unique opportunity to see the first screening of this film in the city of San Diego.

Anat's background, skill, and personality were able to get people to open up during interviews and tell it like it really is. From the annual beer industry convention in Las Vegas to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, this gives you a larger perspective on what happens in San Diego every day. Plus, our own Greg Koch of Stone Brew has some hilarious clips in the film that you won't want to miss! And if that's not enough, we'll also be showing a short DVD that Greg shot at the original airing in Los Angeles when the live panel discussion was filmed.

How to see the movie

The screening is limited to 40 people and will take place on the first Sunday of San Diego Beer Week, November 8th at noon at Sea Rocket. The cost will be $10. Come as early as 11am or stay late to enjoy some beer and lunch including local grass-fed lamburgers, line caught American tuna melts, and mushroom sandwiches.

Email your name and phone number to to RSVP or give me a call at 858-663-7752.

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