Green Flash Hop-less(?!) on Cask at Sea Rocket

Beer without hops?! Yes it's true, Green Flash brewmaster Chuck Silva, with a little help from his friends, went way old school and cooked up a medieval style beer called Ancient Gruit. We'll be tapping the cask on Friday, November 6, at Sea Rocket Bistro to kick off San Diego Beer Week.

Hamilton's 3rd Anniversary Ale Hop-less (Ancient Gruit)

Hop-less Gruit is a collaboration brew at Green Flash Brewing between
Brewmaster Chuck Silva and Head Brewer, Ben Spencer, from Magnolia Brewing
in San Francisco. Under Chuck's careful guidance, Scot Blair and Dennis
Borlek from Hamilton's Tavern performed several of the brewing functions
like mashing in and grain out as well as adding herbs to the boil. That's
right! Herbs!! No hops were used in brewing this Old World Gruit Ale.
Instead we used Marsh Rosemary, Sweet Gale, Yarrow Flowers, Rose Hips,
Heather Tips, and Elder Flowers. These herbs provide the bittering balance
as well as a complimentary herbal sweetness to the rich barley sugar
character. The malt make up is very similar to a big brown ale and the aroma
is both sweet and savory making it a great option for pairing with many
flavorful dishes (think venison). Hop-less finishes at 5.7% abv.