Cask and Oyster Night Keeps Getting Better

Each and Every Thursday at the Ritual you can count on a freshly tapped cask of locally craft brewed ale & fresh shucked Carlsbad Aqua Farm mussels. This week, December 17th we'll be serving Lighting Brewery's Amber Ale. "... an American version of classic UK Premium Bitters. Using literally buckets of hops from homegrown hop plants in the backyard and a well stocked homebrew shop, the resulting beer was big, malty, hoppy and enjoyable. You might even say like a “bitters” but bigger and better. We have taken this beer one step further at the brewery by adapting the original recipe to make optimum use of our brewing and fermenting equipment. We include selected British malts in our recipe to bring out the beers’ hoppy character and carbonate naturally to smooth out any possible rough edges."*

And to top it all off. . . this Thursday is the 3rd one in the month. . . and there's shuttle service

*Lightning Brewery Website