Add the Z

Last week's feature dish from El Take It Easy somehow didn't get on here then, so we'll add it now, too.

This is the egg and squash cazuela: summer squash and egg in a cazuela with mole verde, and some fresh made flour tortillas.

The slow-cooked goodness of the sauce, combined with the rich but light flavors of the egg and squash, evokes to me the wonderful, innovative tacos at Tacos Gus in La Condesa in Mexico City. (Tacos Gus which recently splintered from Tacos Hola, in case you were wondering).

When we explain to people that El Take It Easy is not Mexican food, this is what we mean. I’m not aware of squash and egg cazuela as a traditional dish in Mexico. But surely the kinds of cooking and flavors we experience from being part of an international region, can inform our cuisine in marvelous ways.