Being Sublimely Self Righteous

On Thursday, March 5, I'll be pouring Stone's Sublimely Self Righteous Ale from a fresh cask at Sea Rocket Bistro.  This is a freshly brewed batch of the infamous 11th Anniversary Ale, originally brewed in 2007.  It's a beer after my own heart, both black and bitter. Not everyone will like it. That's the best part of eating and drinking on 30th Street these days - we're not serving food and drink for everyone.  We're not aiming for the middle.  We're serving a wide variety of flavors, many of them strong, pungent, bitter, sour, funky, or otherwise unpalatable to some folks.  We'd be shocked if anybody likes everything we have to offer.  Instead of serving things almost everyone likes, we're trying to serve lots of different things, and hope you'll find a few that will thrill you.  
I don't know why the folks at Stone called this beer Sublimely Self Righteous, but I have a good guess.  On the one hand, I think they're poking fun at themselves, and the rest of us who are passionate about flavor, and our tendency to take ourselves a bit too seriously  sometimes.  On the other hand, the brewery does and should take a lot of pride in their products.  
On 30th Street, you'll find restauranteurs, chefs, servers and bartenders who also take pride in offering craft beer from local brewers, organic produce from nearby farms, naturally raised meats and fresh fish that's never been in an airplane.  Some people think that makes us food snobs, or the food Gestapo.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I don't want to take away your light beer, your pasteurized processed American cheese food product, or your favorite high fructose corn syrup, caramel color and carbonated water concoction.  I want to offer a choice - something different, something other restaurants don't have, something you can't buy in a bottle in Phoenix or Philadelphia.  So at Sea Rocket, the oysters are served with a homemade habanero hot sauce, instead of Tabasco.  We have home made lemonade sweetened with Temecula honey, but we don't have Coca-Cola.  It's nothing against Tabasco or Coke or the people who like them -I like them, too.  We just think that instead of every restaurant offering the same things, it's great when different places offer unique tastes.  We celebrate diversity.
Of course, not everyone sees it as I do, and some will always be offended that the restaurants I choose to work in don't have their favorite, internationally known brand of beer,  soda, condiment, or coffee.  They'll think I'm an elitist, or maybe call me an arrogant bastard.  But I know that I'm actually sublimely self righteous.