True Change

I've lived on the 2 line for over a decade, and there's never before been a business that brings a 1,000 people out to the street a day -- which is what True North is doing every Friday and Saturday. That's a lot people, which can be a cause for concern, but it also shows that they're providing a space that a lot of people around here are really looking for, which is great.

This block has changed a lot in the last couple years: Urban Solace, Bar Pink, the Linkery, and True North have all opened up and as a group we're probably now hosting ten times as many people on the weekends as would come a few years back.

I believe that everybody on this block is here with the intention of helping the neighborhood be a great place to live. Of course, things aren't going to go well all the time, and we all need help knowing what's going on and what we can do to improve the moment.

Fortunately, the group of folks who operate these businesses are easy to reach and communicate with. If you ever have any concerns, see any issues with folks leaving our establishment, or just want to say hi, please reach out to us! Here's the info:

* With a 400+ person capacity, True North is the big dog around here now. Manager/partner Eric Lingenfelder is onsite most of the time and can be emailed at

* Matt and Scott at Urban Solace are also around a lot and they're at and, respectively.

* At the Linkery, you can reach me at and Michael at I tend to work principally during hours when we're not open, so email is a very good way to contact me.

* At Bar Pink, all of the owners (there are several) are very affable and approachable. I haven't asked them for permission to post their emails, so I won't, but it's easy to contact them through their website or just go in and see them when it's not busy there.

Thanks for sharing this neighborhood enterprise with all of us!