Margerum Wines at the Linkery on Thursday

I first discovered Margerum Wines maybe a decade ago, when Gaffney's was featuring them on a night I wandered in. An old friend was in the bar, buying the maximum allocation she could of one of Margerum's Syrahs, and she told me about this winery and the quality of the wine. I bought my first bottle then, and have been hooked ever since.

Check out Joshua Lurie's Q&A with Doug Margerum here

As such, we usually have at least one Margerum-made wine on our menu at the Linkery, whether it's his M5 Rhone, or one of the wines he makes for Happy Canyon such as Barrack or Piocho.

It is with great pleasure, then, to celebrate with Mr. Doug Margerum and Margerum wines on Thursday, in a special pairings dinner. We'll have four wines from Margerum Wine Company in house, and Max will have a pairing for each dish. You can get each pairing for $11, including the food and a small pour of the wine, and also buy food and wine a la carte.

Margerum Chenin Blanc 2008 paired with
Pedrozo Black Butte cheese, Three Sisters Serena cheese, local buckwheat honeycomb, apples

Margerum SYBARITE Sauvignon Blanc 2009 paired with
Local squid scampi, pink grapefruit, tarragon

Margerum M5 Rhone Blend 2007 paired with
Roasted sweet pepper empanada

Margerum ÜBER Syrah 2008 paired with
Griled pastured goat from Farinelli Farm

We'll start at 5:30pm and go until 11:30pm. Full menu available in addition to the pairings. Doug Margerum will be in the house to chat about the wines.

It's going to be a great event.