2 Dollar Tapas

A couple weeks ago we (Sea Rocket) introduced our Ten Buck Tuna Melt & Beer and it's proven to be quite popular. So we're going to follow that up with our Two Dollar Tapas. We took the tastiest things that we might nibble on if we worked at the restaurant (oh, yes, we do) and put them on small plates for you. Below is our tapas menu as of now, although it will certainly evolve over time... we may even add some things to it before Friday evening (April 24th) which is when this menu starts. You'll notice that almost all of these items are from local farms or fishermen and sourced directly with no middleman. Supporting local producers is truly an important thing to do. And now you can do that, as well as enjoy some amazing snacks, for only 2 bucks.

Also, look for more sandwiches for under $10 appearing on our menu soon. See you at the Rocket!

5oz Local Craft Beer on Tap
Poached San Diego Sardine Fillets
Grilled San Diego Sardine
Slices of Winchester Gouda
Santa Barbara Olives
Salted Fallbrook Macadamia Nuts
Carlsbad Oyster
Orange Quarters
American Tuna on Slice of Bread
Lompoc Lima Bean Hummus on Slice of Bread
Hard Boiled South Park Pastured Egg
Veggies with Lompoc Lima Bean Hummus
Diced Roasted Beets Dressed with Bella Vado Avocado Oil
Ciabatta Bread With Avocado Oil for Dipping