Free Tickets to The Limits of Control

All my Jim Jarmusch love has finally materialized. He's not making a citizen video store appearance yet. But recently, citizen was contacted by Focus Films the distributor of Jarmusch's newest film, The Limits of Control. And so, through a series of negotiations, they are showing up at our 4pm Whistle Stop matinee tomorrow (April 26) with posters, free passes, and a bevy of goodies to promote and get people to his latest film.

The Limits of Control stars Isaach De Bankolé, who is perhaps most memorable as the Haitian ice cream truck owner in Ghost Dog. But if you don't remember him, fret not, for the cast is full of big names such as Bill Murray, John Huston, Gael García Bernal and Tilda Swinton (pictured left in one of my favorite stills from the movie as the platinum blonde in a cowboy hat).

So join us in watching Jarmusch's first theatrical film Stranger Than Paradise, a film which he funded as a true "independent," finding a European financial backer who gave Jarmusch complete creative control and allowed him to retain ownership of the actual film. And then we'll watch clips from, The Limits of Control, Jarmusch's latest endeavor which opens in San Diego May 15.