On The Grid

Did you know that 30th Street is the only street in the world to have a beer named after it? OK, that's not true.

BUT it's a damn good beer. It's so good that Green Flash is regretting ever making it, because now they will probably have to stop making every other beer they make, and brew only 30th Street Pale Ale to keep up with demand, and maybe have to change their name to 30th Street Brewery.

OK, that's not true either.

But seriously, it's a really good beer.

The Linkery just tapped a cask of it tonite. And also has it on draft. Many places on this street usually do. Ask for it by name. 'Cause it's an excellent beer.

Also, we at the Link are feeling street-ish and number-ish, and tonite's drafts list includes 30th St (yes, both draft and cask), Craftsman 1903, and the aforelinked Coronado Orange Ave Pale.