Movies on the 2 Line

Citizen Video shares its collection with lots of businesses on the 2 line so that you can watch great flicks not just in the comfort of your own home, but also in the company of others while getting a great deal. Here are some of the regular locations and upcoming showings:

Captains Courageous

Thursday, April 23rd, 7:30 pm
Sea Rocket Bistro
Sea Rocket shows a movie every Thursday night (usually sea or food themed). Along with a great flick you get a meal deal that includes your choice of beer of wine, a starter and an entree for $20.

Stranger Than Paradise
Sunday, April 26th, 4pm
Movie Matinee at Whistle Stop Bar
This is a monthly citizen video curated event. We choose a theme every month and show two movies from that theme (on the second and fourth Sunday). With the heat of the summer upon us there's nothing like chilling with a flick and a finely made bloody mary (by host bartender Scott Caligare) inside the air conditioned atmosphere of your local neighborhood watering hole. What better way to wind down a weekend.

La Revue des Revues
Sunday, May 3rd, 8pm-12am
Alchemy Restaurant
The mixologists at Alchemy have concocted a special movie / drink theme for the first Sunday of every month. Called "Silent Sundays," Alchemy will feature a silent film from the citizen collection and accompany it with early jazz, era cocktails, and absinthe drips. End your weekend with a streak of bohemian flair without even leaving the number 2 busline.