The Game is Called Thunder Dome, Me vs. Your 30th Street Business

This is a formal challenge to battle. My single self, against any 30th street business i.e. Mosaic, Linkery, Urban Solace, Jaynes Gastropub, Ritual, Alchemy, Sea Rocket, Alexander's, and I'll even throw in Farmhouse cafe. My limited resources against all your fabulous purveyors, knowledge, experience, and expertise. I challenge you to supply and drink better and more interesting wine than I do. My bottle verse your bottle. My list verses yours. Here's your first blow,

NV Billecart-Salmon Rose
2006 Bandol Tempier Rose
1997 Produttori Barbaresco
1995 Louis Latour Mantagny 1er Cru
1998 M. Arnaud Domaine La Milliere CDP Reserve
2007 Cuilleron Condrieu
2004 Eugenio Collavini Sparkling Ribolla

Good luck, if you dare take the challenge. Who knows, I might just have to come into your restaurant and buy something interesting you submit, if you have any.